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VET-WAVE® is an innovative and functional device useful in studying the correct functioning of the external and middle ear of pets. Through a simple, immediate, non-invasive and painless examination, the veterinarian can obtain useful and complete information on some pathologies of the external and middle ear that cannot be diagnosed today with conventional techniques, except in the presence of sedation. The innovative technology used by NEURANIX for this device is covered by a patent. It allows to evaluate the state of the acoustic duct and the tympanic chain without putting the ear itself under pressure.

Shipping packing box
Case for safe transport
Electronic Table with touch screen Vet Wave
Probe with terminal and ear tipS
Starting kit

Additional probe terminal
Set of 40 Tips for veterinary othology in 4 sizes (TOY, S, M ,L)
Vet Wave pen
External USB Vet Wave pen drive for data transfer
Ear tips for cats

Rapid user guide
Guide to interpreting acoustic parameters
Compliance certificate for probe
Compliance certificate for firmware
Measurement acquisition flow-chart for manual
Power bank guide
How and When to use vet-wave