Making ear examinations easier

The first screening and diagnostic device for the functional evaluation of the tympanic membrane and middle ear.

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100% Made in Italy

Innovation in the diagnosis of ear pathologies in dogs and cats

Exclusively designed and developed for veterinarians, it helps improve the clinical diagnosis and provides functional information on the tympanic membrane and confirmation of potential middle ear disease in companion animals.


Ear disease, a common problem in dogs

More than 20% of visits to the vet for small pets are related to problems with the hearing system. Vet-wave® helps to identify ear pathologies, not easily detected with an otoscope, for further clinical evaluation and treatment planning.

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Le malattie dell’orecchio sono un problema comune negli animali domestici

vet-wave® allows the non-invasive analysis of auditory problems related to diseases of the tympanic membrane and middle ear of companion animals

    Are the eardrum and middle ear phisiologically normal or pathological?
    Is the dysfunction located with the tympanic membrane or middle ear?
    Next steps for a diagnosis
Le malattie dell’orecchio sono un problema comune negli animali domestici

Screening for ear pathologies has never been so easy!

Hearing loss and pain are particularly weighty on the relational aspect between the animal and its owner. The vet-wave® solution is a concrete aid in the diagnosis of hearing problems and avoids costly imaging procedures that requires complete anesthesia of the animal.

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  • Test veloce e indolore
    Quick and painless test

    Thanks to the probe, it is possible to carry out the test in a few seconds

  • Una nuova tecnologia
    A new technology

    It works on a wide range of sound frequencies providing an examination of the eardrum

  • Risultati più accurati
    More accurate results

    The acquired data are made available through a graphical display of the clinical parameters.


The vet-wave® probe

Vet-wave® has been designed to meet the needs of veterinarians in clinics or ambulatory practices seeking greater certainty in the diagnosis of hearing-related diseases.

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La sonda di vet-wave

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Innovation you can rely on

Neuranix is an innovative company which develops and produces medical devices for both human and veterinary practitioners. Currently Neuranix supports audiological research by evaluating the opportunities offered by the most important patented technologies. Research projects are carried out in collaboration with CNR (Italy’s National Research Institute), with leading universities and specialist veterinary organizations.

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